Sunday, April 24, 2016

Raquel Ruis Diaz Comes to Nettles Farm

Changes at Nettles Farm

Raquel Ruiz Diaz, Chef Blaine Wetzel's longtime partner, is lending her considerable hospitality skills to Nettles Farm. As my duties at Lummi Island Wild Co-op increase, I see the need for a steady hand and watchful eye at the B&B, so that the quality of the experience stays strong.

Raquel, who was badly injured in Paraguay a year ago last Valentine's Day, is continuing her complete recovery. While she cannot yet resume the long hours on the floor at the Willows Inn, she is super capable of taking care of the small but important details at Nettles, as well as organizing future workshops and other events. It has been my pleasure to work with her since 2010, and the past few weeks have been a reminder of how much she has to offer.

My work at Lummi Island Wild Co-op has increased several fold as we move into buying halibut and spot prawns, as well as Fraser River salmon, from the Lummi tribal fishers. We marketed the halibut as Salish Sea Halibut, since I have known for many years how much better the flavor and texture of this halibut over Alaska or other Pacific halibut. Its diet is spot prawns and dungeness crab, and it is reflected in the bluish translucence of the flesh, as well as the gigantic flavor. Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

Salish Sea Halibut Raquel aboard Lummi Island Wild's new tender, the Galactic Ice

Salish Sea Halibut, and Raquel aboard the Lummi Island Wild tender, Galactic Ice

Night time tribal halibut delivery aboard the Solar Ice, Lummi Island Wild's tender

Night time Tribal halibut deliver to Raquel, Stan, and me on the Solar Ice

We have developed a new online store for our Lummi Island Wild products, including the halibut from early this month. Check it out at

Stella is very very close to finding truffles in the field. She can locate 100% of the buried truffle hides now. The next step is to take her out on a truffle field workshop, to translate that skill into the real world. It's more for me than for her.

We planted more than 100 blueberry bushes near the raspberries, and black currants as well. With the amazing spring we are having, pollination is super high, and I expect plenty of berries, Asian pears, and apricots, as well as kiwis this season. Remember, they are yours to pick when you come at the right time!

Stella and Kitty, last year, and this year. Best friends forever.

We are going to be raising our rates in the next few months, as we see how things will shake out with Raquel and other farm staff. If you have plans to come this year, book now and your rate will remain the same.

We are able to accommodate larger groups in each of the suites, if we have advance notice, by opening up the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom, all accessible from either side. As usual, the rate for extra guests is $50/person. Thanks for sticking with me these past years, and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Riley


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