Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Truffle Dog Company's Alana McGee and Kristin Rosenbach with Stella
The founders and owners of The Truffle Dog Company, Alana McGee and Kristin Rosenbach, visited Nettles Farm last weekend. The purpose was to see if, even in the drought we have had all May, we could find some truffles on and near the farm. They brought out their trusty dogs, a Lagotto and an Australian Shepherd, and off we went. Several areas were likely spots, but we found them in only two. Altogether we found 3 truffles, a minor miracle given the dry soils everywhere we looked.
Oregon Black truffles, found on Lummi Island

Now we are taking the online truffle class that they offer with  earnest desire and a solid goal: Stella will become like her ancestors of 600 years ago, a truffle hunter!

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